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Ukrainian Poem by Yevhen Stankovych

Ukrainian Poem by Yevhen Stankovych

In the vibrant landscape of contemporary Ukrainian music, the name Yevhen Stankovych stands as a testament to the power of cultural connectivity woven through the threads of composition. Renowned as a versatile composer of stage, orchestral, chamber, and choral works, Stankovych's musical creations transcend geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences around the globe. At the heart of Stankovych's artistic philosophy lies a profound belief in the symbiotic relationship between a composer and their cultural heritage. For him, the act of composition is not an isolated endeavor; instead, it is a dynamic dialogue with the rich tapestry of his cultural lifeline. Stankovych passionately asserts that the essence of his creations is intertwined with the melodies, rhythms, and narratives that have shaped the Ukrainian experience. ________________ Composition: Yevhen Stankovych Performance: Christine Bernsted (violin) & Elisabeth Holmegaard Nielsen (piano) Publisher: Edition Svitzer Label: Svitzer Music Sound Engineer: Emil Houmøller Mortensen Production Company: Roschkov Media Director of Photography (DP, Light, 1st Camera): Stanislav Roschkov Frist Prod. Assistant, Best Boy, 2nd Camera: Niklas Röder Edit, Color Grading: Stanislav Roschkov Oil Painting "Hope" by Sonja Lucien Violin: Stefan-Peter Greiner With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds → Sheet Music: Websites:,,
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